This study is about building the National Character through History Lesson (Mixed
Methods Research Approach of 11th grades’ social class students of SMA Negeri 1 Majalengka).
The issues in this study were (1) what is the ideal development pattern or shape of character
education according to history teacher? (2) Has the history teaching contributed to the
development of students’ character? (3) What are the constraints faced by history teachers in
character building through history learning?. As for the purpose of this study were (1) to find
the developments’ pattern or shape of character education in the history teaching, (2) to find
the contribution of history learning to students character development, and (3) discover the
constraints faced by history teachers in developing character through history learning. The
method that used in this study was mixed methods and exploratory sequential approach. The
results of this study indicated that the ideal developments’ pattern or shape of character education
by history teachers is through the development of character-based lesson plann. Every history
teaching needs to specify the character to be developed in accordance with contextual material
and adapted to the students’ developmental level, varieties learning methods that encourage
and motivate students to be better, media and learning resources that are relevant to students’
characteristics, such as varying assessment using alternative evaluation based on character
learning assessment, and conduct advance evaluation of the history teaching by conducting
classroom action research (CAR) so that it can be ascertained that the history teaching has been
conducted optimally. Moreover, the character education development pattern can also be seen
from the qualifications and competencies of the history teacher that determine the success of
the students’ character development in building the character of the nation. Learning history
has a clear contribution to develop the students’ character, although still low. In developing the
students’ character through teaching history, some constraints faced by history teachers are (1)
the lack of teacher skills in designing history lesson plan (RPP) contained character education,
(2) the deficient of utilization of media or learning sources that reinforce the achievement
containing character education, (3) lack of teachers’ understanding and skills in developing
alternative assessment in the assessment process.
Keywords: Character Education, Teaching History, Mixed Methods, Sequential